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Best Ways to Get the Best Tax Accountant Rockhampton

Best Ways to Get the Best Tax Accountant Rockhampton

Working with a tax accountant Rockhampton is a normal thing for many Rockhampton residents. Yet, asking for the credentials of a tax accountant Rockhampton is rarely part of the equation.

Many cases have seen the access people give to a tax accountant Rockhampton to their most personal information including their Social Security number, their marriage, their bank accounts, and even their kids without asking for credentials.

The idea of entrusting all your personal details to a tax accountant Rockhampton without vetting him/her is horrifying. With this, the best practice the next time you need a tax accountant Rockhampton is to:

Ask for his/her license or require a CPA to handle your taxes

A CPA or certified public accountant or enrolled agent is a good way to get the best tax accountant. While the amount of education and training for each of them varies, they have all undergone a high standard of expertise and education.

Other professional licenses you can ask for with potential tax accountant include:

  • EA or Enrolled Agent

Professionals recognised and licensed by the government as taxpayer representatives are provided with an EA credential. The credential allows the professional to deal with ATO on personal or business tax audits, prepare business and personal taxes, and advise clients.

  • CGMA or Chartered Global Management Accountant

CPAs and other tax professionals working in government and business are issued a global certification known as CGMA. The certification recognises the advanced proficiency of the holder in management, finance, strategy, and operations.

There are other accounting certifications recognising speciality areas. The only right thing for you to do is to vet your tax accountant before hiring him/her to take care of your taxes.

Great questions to ask a potential tax accountant

Asking the following questions below helps you gauge whether he/she is the right professional tax accountant for your needs.

  • Where they live or work
  • Asking about their registration and qualification
  • Whether they will be using a specific template or software to submit your tax paperwork
  • What particular professional bodies are they members of
  • How they resolve complaints
  • Will they be taking their fees from your tax return or will they be charging an upfront fee
  • What are their areas of speciality and what other types of services do they offer
  • Will they be looking after your account
  • What is their main client base

Search for reviews and referrals

Asking for referrals from family, friends, neighbours, etc., who have experience working with a particular tax account is a good way to get the best. Further searching them using Google in addition to the personal referrals is smart.

Taking time to read reviews from past clients gives you a bird’s eye view of the way a tax accountant handles his/her work. Social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can also help you in your search for the best tax accountant in Rockhampton.

Find out more about their specialisation and experience

Asking for the experience and specialisation of a potential tax accountant is only right. After all, you want a tax accountant who knows what he/she is doing.

Asking how long they have been involved in the tax business allows you to know more about their experience. Knowing their area of specialisation is also important. For instance, a tax accountant who has experience in handling tax audits could answer your needs.

Contact professional Rockhampton tax accountants to learn more about the specific services that they can offer.

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