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The failure of the 1998 statehood referendum caused significant reflection and evaluation of the move towards Statehood. A major outcome of that reflection was the determination that any move towards Statehood must not only have popular support but also needs to be shaped by the people of the Territory. 

This led to the formation of the Statehood Steering Committee during 2005 with majority community membership and the driving of the Statehood program by the Legislative Assembly, in particular through the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee. Following five years of consultation and information programs the Statehood Steering Committee produced 10 recommendations [download: SSCFinal_Report.pdf] for continuing the Territory’s Statehood program. 

Central to the Statehood Steering Committee’s recommendations was a constitutional convention comprised wholly of elected delegates to develop a draft constitution for the Northern Territory. On 30 November 2011, the Legislative Assembly passed the Constitutional Convention (Election) Bill which provides for the election of delegates to the convention at a time to be proclaimed by the Minister.

For more information on the Statehood Program please contact the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly on 08 8901 4149 or email lcac@nt.gov.au